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Morally Corrupt presents College Rules 11

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Release date: July 24, 2013

Featuring: Castlist not available

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College is a great time for doing wild and crazy things, and what better way to make your time at college more memorable than to submit some of your sexual debauchery with us at College Rules? The students featured in this week's submission were pretty thorough with what they wanted us to see. The girls stripped down and started posing in sexy positions while the guys grabbed ass and tits. These horny under grads coupled up and simultaneously started to have a fuck fest. It was great watching big asses and big natural tits being pounded hard and thorough. Enjoy!

This week's college submission come from **U. The students in this update turned off all the lights got naked and things got a little weird. The girls stripped down and started to make out and rub on each other's tits, while the guys watched in awe. Soon everyone joined in for a game of spin the bottle and seven minutes in heaven. Nothing like a little girl on girl action to get your juices flowing, and to top things off some hot group sex!

It's Rick's birthday and we're going to give him a surprise party at the dorm the College Rules way! It's a good thing all my girls came to party. Silly-string and mouths made to suck cock. We stripped him naked and had our way with him. Five sexy ladies sucking the birthday-boy's dick and licking each other out. It's my type of party. What more could you ask for? Happy Birthday Rick!

College Rules is back with another fascinating update. This one is kind of funny. These 3 guys pull pranks on the girls. From silly string to water balloons and putting a swimming pool on the living room and throwing one of the girls in it…fucking hilarious.

Don't worry, it doesn't stop there. Each one of the guys gets lucky and bangs the chicks. Damn, college is the shit!

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